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Answers To Top Questions...

Q: What is CallUnblock.com?
A: CallUnblock is a subsciption service for your phone that through call forwarding is able to reveal the caller ID of a call when the ID has been blocked by the caller.

Q: How does CallUnblock work?
A: When a blocked call is forwarded to CallUnblock, will reveal the caller ID of the call and forward the call back you your phone with the unblocked caller ID. The caller will hear ringing through the call unblocking process.

Q: Does CallUnblock work with my carrier?
A: CallUnblock has been tested with ATT, Verizon, Sprint,TMobile,Metro PCS,CRICKET,US Cellular,Alltel,TELUS,C SPIRE and cellular South. We will be adding more carriers as they are requested. Please drop us a note and let us know which carriers you would like to see supported.

Q: What is the set-up process?
A: Setting up CallUnblock is an easy 3 step process. 1. Choose a plan that fits your needs. 2. Register at CallUnblock.com. 3. Follow the instructions to configure call forwarding on your phone to forward calls to CallUnblock. That's it. It's that simple.

Q: What if I have problems setting up CallUnblock?
A: Support is available. Please go to the Support page and enter a request or give us a call. We love to hear from our customers.

Q: How do I disable CallUnblock on my phone?
A: We are sad to see you go. Disabling CallUnblock is easy. Just follow the instructions below to reset call forwarding on your phone:

AT&T: Dial ##004# then Press the Call/Send button wait for confirmation beeps / message.
T-Mobile: Dial ##004# then Press the Call/Send button wait for confirmation beeps / message.
Sprint: Dial *38 then Press the Call/Send button wait for confirmation beeps / message.
Verizon: Dial *73 then Press the Call/Send button wait for confirmation beeps / message.

Q: How does Blacklist work?
A: At CallUnblock.com, you can maintain a list of Blacklisted callers. When the call gets transfered to CallUnblock, callers on the Blacklist will hear a message that the phone has been disconnected. When you get an incoming call from a Blacklisted caller simply decline the call. The caller will be transfered to CallUnblock and the phone is disconnected message will be played.

Q: Why does my phone still ring with a Blacklisted caller? A: Your phone will continue to ring with the blacklisted caller. Simply "Decline" the call when your phone rings. Once the call is transfered to CallUnblock, the caller will hear a phone has been disconnected message.

Q: How does caller name lookup work?
A: CallUnblock uses an advanced lookup service(a.k.a. reverse phone lookup) to identify the name of the party calling based on their number. This information can then be made available to you either through text message call alerts or by going to CallUnblock.com Dashboard.

Q: Will the location tell me where the caller is making a call from?
A: Location lookup will provide you the location the phone number originates from. It does not pin point the location of a caller using a cell phone.

Q: Will caller name/location work on every call?
A: Not all caller names/locations can be derived through phone number reverse lookup. Numbers inside a corporate phone system, for example, are not managed internally and are not published. However, a large percentage of names from cell phones and land line numbers will be successfully derived through the reverse lookup service.

Q: How do miss call alerts work?
A: If you subscribe to SMS/text alerts, you will receive a text message everytime an incoming call is received by CallUnblock. You will receive these alerts even when your phone is turned off or out of reach.

Q: Can I turn alerts off?
A: Yes. If you subscribe to a plan that includes phone alerts, they can be turned off by updating the setting at CallUnblock.com

Q: How does record incoming calls work?
A: If you subscribe to a plan that includes call recording, simply answer the call after the second set of rings. The call will be recorded and it will be available for review at CallUnblock.com.

Q: Is it legal to record incoming calls?
A: The laws regarding the recording of calls vary by state. Some states require both parties to consent to the recording of any conversation. Please consult an attorney and check your local state laws before using this feature.

Q: Where will the calls be stored?
A: Recorded calls are available for your review at CallUnblock.com

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